low melting point alloys

We are producing low melting point alloys in both North America (AMA brand) and Europe (Kite brand).

Low Melting Point Alloys (LMPA) or fusible alloys are normally classed as those alloys with melting points below 300 Deg. C.

The most commonly used are those which melt <150 Deg C. and especially those which can be melted off in hot water thus <100 Deg C.

These alloys are normally made from blends of Bismuth, Tin, Lead, Cadmium and Indium.  Alloys which are Lead and Cadmium free are also available.

They are used in the optical industry for lens blocking, work-holding in precision engineering, prototyping, safety valves, press tools for limited runs, tube bending for complicated profiles and many other applications.

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