At Fortis Metals we believe we have a responsibility to our future generations. We therefore strive to contribute in the development of a circular economy. The circular economy aims to systematically eradicate waste throughout the life cycle and uses of products and their related components.

Metals are infinitely recyclable, and together with our suppliers and customers, we are working hard to implement this circular economic model in the metals environment. Recycling materials not only has the benefit of recovery of valuable metals from recyclable waste and end-of-life products but also lowers the environmental impact and energy used within the metal’s supply chain.

Contact us to learn more about the recycling programs we offer.


Reclaim/Recycling Scrap/Residues Containing: Ag, Au, Bi, Co, Ci, Ga, GaAs, Ge, Ir, Mo, Nb, Pb, Pd, Pt, Re, Rh, Ru, Se, Sn, Ta, Ti, Te, W, V, Zn, Others

Contact us to learn more about the recycling programs we offer. 

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Creating lasting shared value to our partners
As part of the Fortis Group we believe in stable and long term partnerships. Therefore our philosophy is to work with a long term perspective focused on the needs of our partners worldwide to efficiently balance their technical, economical, financial and environmental needs.
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